Boeing Announces Expanded Executive Council

Company increases leadership depth and expertise to better support customers and enhance internal decision-making.

October 15, 2020 in Our People

With the approval of the Board of Directors, Boeing President and CEO Dave Calhoun announced new additions to the Executive Council (ExCo) to refocus Boeing’s operating structure by tapping into enterprise capability, leadership and best practices from across the company.

“This larger and more dynamic group will bring new perspectives and foster healthy debate while driving strategic decisions and resulting actions with speed for the benefit of our employees and stakeholders,” said Calhoun.

The following individuals will join the ExCo effective immediately, while also remaining in their current roles:

  • Uma Amuluru – Vice President, Compliance
  • Grant Dixton – Senior Vice President, Law
  • Dave Dohnalek – Senior Vice President, Treasury
  • Chris Raymond – Vice President, Sustainability
  • Kevin Schemm – Senior Vice President, Finance

The following leaders will be added to the ExCo for their initial two-year term leading enterprise-wide Process Councils:

  • William Ampofo – Vice President, Enterprise Process Council: Supply Chain
  • Mark Jenks – Senior Vice President, Enterprise Process Council: Program Management
  • Tony Martin – Vice President, Enterprise Process Council: Quality
  • Bill Osborne – Senior Vice President, Enterprise Process Council: Manufacturing

“These changes to our ExCo, combined with the strength of our incredible workforce, will help us continue to drive safety, quality, integrity, operational excellence and innovation into every corner of the enterprise,” added Calhoun. “The diversity of thought, background, experience and skill of this new ExCo gives me great confidence that we will continue to promote trust and transparency, which are vital to our mission to build an equitable and inclusive workplace for all.”

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