Boeing Commercial Services

How to Make Your Airline Soar! Learn about the advantages customers receive by teaming with Boeing for their airplane and their services -for the life of their fleet.

Boeing Commercial Services

Boeing draws upon four major capabilities to deliver the industry’s largest portfolio of services in the Commercial Aviation market – a portfolio designed to help airlines operate at the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and affordability.


Your success is paramount. We deliver the industry’s broadest portfolio and have the right expertise to give you the advantages it takes to succeed.

Global Fleet Care


Take your fleet to the next level

Simplifying business can be challenging to airline operations. Boeing understands this and offers a flexible suite of services designed to help airlines improve operations. Global Fleet Care is a suite of engineering, parts and maintenance offerings that allow airlines to customize solutions that meet their specific needs. It is tailored to the individual airline, from startup carriers with limited maintenance and engineering to traditional network carriers with established support functions

The Global Fleet Care suite includes Fleet Engineering Solutions, Fleet Material Solutions and Fleet Integrated Solutions — supporting the airlines supply chain, engineering and maintenance needs now and in the future.

Boeing Global Fleet Care offerings

Fleet engineering solutions cover engineering and planning activities associated with managing the technical performance of the airplane. For example, Boeing can manage an airline's maintenance programs, monitor on-time performance and/or track airplane configuration.
Fleet material solutions can include spare parts planning, ordering, supplier management, and component repair and overhaul, unlocking customer resources, reducing costs and improving efficiency.
Fleet integrated solutions unite the strengths of both engineering and material management solutions with Boeing's extensive knowledge base and a carefully selected global network of leading MRO providers that offer both base and line maintenance.

Family of Companies

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